Moving BI into Cloud. Or perhaps not yet?

There was a solid amount of buzz generated around the recent Gartner prediction about the Cloud adoption in the BI domain. Perhaps mainly generated by the key players in this space, very much interested into cloud being adopted as quickly as possible also in this space.

Well I have to say that for me the BI still has some road to walk thru before clients really begin to move it onto cloud based deployments. I see the BI technologies moving a very similar way, as they did from early on. At the very beginning, they allowed for performing analysis on a quite aggregated data level and only with more capabilities they allowed for digging deeper into detail in terms of data granularity, which enabled very sophisticated transaction level analysis leading into new approaches in customer management for most industries as well to very industry specific functionalities such as network planning optimization in telcos or individual buying pattern based pricing in retail.

I believe we are seeing the very first wave in BI cloud deployments right now. The applications moved into clouds as for now include financial and performance management applications, which are not very data intensive or various reporting and dashboarding implementation, which behave very much the same from the technical perspective.

I do very much look forward into seeing vendors providing a second wave od industry specific cloud based analytical application for banks, telcos or insurances with embedded interfaces for standard transactional applications or technical means such as POS’s or PBX’s. I am looking forward into customers stepping out of their fears of loosing control of the detailed data and regulators adopting legislation allowing to move the sensitive data into cloud deployments. But for now, I still see we have some road to go in order to take the full benefits of moving BI into clouds.